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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Here are some Affirmations you can say and focus on Daily

Here are some Affirmations you can say and focus on Daily

Affirmations for Health

Every Cell in my body vibrates with energy and health

Loving myself heals my life. I nourish my mind, body and soul

My body heals quickly and easily

Affirmations for Abundance

I prosper wherever I turn and I know that I deserve prosperity of all kinds

The more grateful I am, the more reasons I find to be grateful

I pay my bills with love as I know abundance flows freely through me.

Affirmations for Love

I know that I deserve Love and accept it now

I give out Love and it is returned to me multiplied

I rejoice in the Love I encounter everyday

Affirmations for Romance

I have a wonderful partner and we are both happy and at peace

I release any desperation and allow love to find me

I attract only healthy relationships

Affirmations for Weight Loss

I am the perfect weight for me

I choose to make positive healthy choices for myself

I choose to exercise regularly

Affirmations for Self Esteem

When I believe in myself, so do others

I express my needs and feelings

I am my own unique self - special, creative and wonderful

Affirmations for Peace and Harmony

All my relationships are loving and harmonious

I am at peace

I trust in the process of life

Affirmations for Joy and Happiness

Life is a joy filled with delightful surprises

My life is a joy filled with love, fun and friendship all I need do is stop all criticism, forgive, relax and be open.

I choose love, joy and freedom, open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life.
Taken from: http://www.vitalaffirmations.com/affirmations.htm#example affirmations

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