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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Your List of Positive Daily Positive Affirmations (Read Aloud Atleast Twice A Day)

Positive Daily Positive Affirmations:

I submit to God in all that I do and may his will be done
Everything I do I do through the eyes of Love
I Love myself in a positive healthy way
I love my neighbor and all that I come in contact with the way I love myself
I create abundance in all that I say and do
I accept abundance and welcome it with open arms
I draw success, abundance, happiness, love, and wealth in all that I do
I prosper and have favor in all that I do
I am filled with success
Money comes to me easily, frequently, and abundantly in God’s perfect way
I attract the right people at the right time into my life
I am drawing positive people into my life every day
I make all the right connections
I love the work I do
I am in perfect health in every way
I am at my perfect body weight
I feel wonderful, grateful, and energetic everyday when I wake up
I am at ease with all types of people
I am a positive influence on all that I come into contact with
I attract only healthy relationships
I express myself wisely and articulate my thoughts and feelings to everyone
I am healthy and happy
Wealth is pouring into my life
I am sailing on the river of wealth
I am getting wealthier each day
My body is healthy and functioning in a very good way
I have a lot of energy
I study and comprehend fast
My mind is calm
I am calm and relaxed in every situation
My thoughts are under my control
I radiate love and happiness
I am surrounded by love. I have the perfect job for me
I am living in the house of my dreams
I have good and loving relations with my wife/husband
I have a wonderful and satisfying job
I have the means to travel abroad, whenever I want to
I am successful in whatever I do
Everything is getting better every day
I prosper wherever I turn and I know that I deserve prosperity of all kinds
The more grateful I am, the more reasons I find to be grateful
I pay my bills with love as I know abundance flows freely through me.


30 Powerful words that I implement in my life daily:
1. Power Word: Abundance
Power Phrase: Inter-align with Abundance, Living in Abundance.
Power Action: Be expansive, let go of resistances and have a reverence for life.
2. Power Word: Action
Power Phrase: Just Do It, A thousand-Mile Journey Starts with a Single Step, Inspired Action.
Power Action: Take inspired action, avoid procrastination.
3. Power Word: Authenticity
Power Phrase: Authentic Expression, Be Who I am, Use My Voice.
Power Action: Connect to the truth of who I am.
4: Power Word: Balance
Power Phrase: Balance is Key to Wellness; Yin and Yang.
Power Action: Make time for priorities in life, restore inner and outer balance, study feng shui elements, go for yoga.
5. Power Word: Be
Power Phrase: Just Be.
Power Action: Focus more about being than doing, practice patience, just breathe.
6. Power Word: Clarity
Power Phrase: Insight, Be Awake, See Clearly.
Power Action: See big picture, avoid getting too caught up in the content of the story, practice insight meditation, wisdom from insight.
7. Power Word: Courage
Power Phrase: Live My Dreams, Fly.
Power Action: Take risks, be bold, go on adventures, master courage to do things differently.
8. Power Word: Creativity
Power Phrase: Creative Ideas on Tap, Creative Artist.
Power Action: Engage imagination, play and possibility.
9. Power Word: Dream
Power Phrase: Dare to Dream, I Dreamed a Dream, Dream Big, Dreams take Flight!
Power Action: Open myself to possibilities, engage in imagination.
10. Power Word: Equanimity
Power Phrase: Equanimity, Quality of Equanimity, Non-Attachment.
Power Action: Practice equanimity i.e. calm, centered, balanced and mindful awareness of the impermanence of things, sensations and experiences.
11. Power Word: Freedom
Power Phrase: Freedom from Fear, Financial Freedom, Freedom to Live.
Power Action: Let go of resistances, free to make choices.
12. Power Word: Gratitude
Power Phrase: Gratitude is Gold, Gratitude Rocks, Gratitude Now.
Power Action: Practice gratitude, count my blessings and share my gifts.
13. Power Word: Harmony / Peace / Serenity
Power Phrase: Let my Breath be my Guide; Love the Moment, Peace of Mind.
Power Action: Make peace with every moment, learn qi gong.
14. Power Word: Health
Power Phrase: Health is Wealth
Power Action: Practice mindful eating, make healthy food choices, exercise, stay healthy mentally.
15. Power Word: Intuition
Power Phrase: Intuitive Awareness, Intuitive Intelligence.
Power Action: Awaken and develop intuitive abilities.
16. Power Word: Joy
Power Phrase: Enjoy the Journey, Live it Up, Celebrate, Live Now, Happiness is Key to Success.
Power Action: Choose to be happy whatever the situation is, be light hearted, celebrate every small thing!
17. Power Word: Laughter
Power Phrase: Lightness of Being, Laughter is the Best Medicine.
Power Action: Look at the humor in each situation, avoid taking things too seriously, have fun.
18. Power Word: Love
Power Phrase: Love Thyself; Love is All Around.
Power Action: Practice unconditional self love and love for others.
19. Power Word: Money / Prosperity / Wealth
Power Phrase: I am a Money Magnet, Multiple Streams of Income, Financial Freedom
Power Action: Shatter limiting money beliefs, adopt prosperity consciousness, worry less but keep vibrations up.
20. Power Word: Oneness
Power Phrase: We are One.
Power Action: Let go of separation.
21. Power Word: Possibility
Power Phrase: Open to Possibility, Dwell in Possibility.
Power Action: Open to receiving, practice non-judgment, try new experiences.
22. Power Word: Power
Power Phrase: Step Into Power, Awaken My Potential.
Power Action: Let go of fears, step up, take charge.
23. Power Word: Presence / Mindfulness
Power Phrase: Live in the Now.
Power Action: Practice mindful awareness, give quality attention to the moment, meditate.
24. Power Word: Responsibility
Power Phrase: Live Deliberately, Take Charge, Power To Change.
Power Action: Commit to inner change, less blame of others, conscious living.
25. Power Word: Share
Power Phrase: Spread Love, Share my Divine Light.
Power Action: Practice loving kindness, lend a helping hand, share my gifts.
26. Power Word: Success
Power Phrase: I am a Winner, Success is Constancy to Purpose.
Power Action: Think success, dream big.
27. Power Word: Smile
Power Phrase: Window to My Soul, Language of Love.
Power Action: Smile to strangers, neighbors, etc.
28. Power Word: Space
Power Phrase: Make Space.
Power Actions: Clear the clutter, switch off TV, meditate.
29. Power Word: Spirituality
Power Phrase: Connect with God/Source/Guides, “I am a Spirit with a Human Experience”.
Power Action: Adopt good values, live consciously, mindful of ego, take wise actions, reverence for life, etc.
30. Power Word: Wellness
Power Phrase: Mind-Body-Spirit Harmony, Self Nurture.
Power Action: Make time for relaxation, de-stress, release negative emotions, let go of old baggage.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Find Your Purpose By: Mind Power 365

Find Your Purpose
By: Mind Power 365

"Without purpose, one’s life is full of emptiness, uneasiness, low self-esteem, fear, lack of motivation, anger, despair, frustration, depression, resentment, impatience & has no momentum. When life is attached to purpose, one’s life is full of love, power, momentum, patience, energy, motivation, positive self worth, peace, happiness, thankfulness, & confidence. Find your Purpose."

Positive People, Positive Thinking, Positive Results!
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Thru The Eyes of Love By: Mind Power 365

Thru The Eyes of Love
By: Mind Power 365

"To understand The Law of Attraction is not something you can do with your normal eyes or with reason. You can only truly understand The Law of Attraction through the Eyes of Love. For with Love comes the beginning of all wisdom, knowledge & understanding. If you are not getting the results you want out of life, put on the Eyes of Love for these eyes not only see but they feel & understand."

Positive People, Positive Thinking, Positive Results!
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A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne

A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne
Creator of The Secret

From The Secret Daily Teachings:

The fastest way to become the Master of your thoughts and emotions is through challenging situations. If your life is going along fairly smoothly, there are not the same opportunities that enable you to strengthen your power and become the Master of your thoughts and emotions.

You see, even challenges are beautiful opportunities in disguise.

May the joy be with you,
Rhonda Byrne
The Secret... bringing joy to billions

Positive People, Positive Thinking, Positive Results!
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How your words create your circumstances By: Dan Neilson Brown

How your words create your circumstances
By: Dan Neilson Brown

Words are the most powerful things in the
universe because God and His Word are one in
the same.

The Bible tells us, "In the beginning was
the Word, and the Word was with God, and the
Word was God; and the Word was made flesh,
and dwelt among us" (John 1:1,14).

God is a creator, and He created with His
Words. You can read how He created the
universe with His Words in the Book of

God created us in His image, also with the
ability to create, but with our own words.
He has made them containers of power with
creative ability to manifest themselves in
the physical realm.

Therefore, we must understand the impact
that the confession of words has in our
lives. We just can't run around carelessly
saying anything we feel like saying.

Whether we speak positive or negative, our
words will produce a corresponding result.

The majority of people speak negative.
They've been taken captive by their own
negative words and don't even realize it.

By always talking about their misfortune and
how bad life is treating them, they continue
to create an environment for evil with their
words and are going to continue to live in
that environment.

They've unknowingly placed themselves in a
position where they cannot receive from God.

Fortunately, all that negative speech is
just a habit, a habit that can be changed.

We should not use our words to describe
negative situations, but use them to change
negative situations.

To put it another way, don't talk about your
problems, but instead, talk to them.

Jesus clearly tells us to speak to our

"Whosoever shall say unto this mountain,
be removed and be cast into the sea, and
shall not doubt in his heart but believes
those things which he says shall come to
pass, he shall have whatsoever he says"
(Mark 11:23).

What you just read comes from Chapter 8
of my eBook/Audio Book:

"5 Biblical Keys to Changing Your Life"

I wanted to share that with you because
I want you to be aware of your speech.
Your words have creative power, so
choose them wisely!

Positive People, Positive Thinking, Positive Results!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wisdom on The Law of Attraction: By Mind Power 365

Wisdom on The Law of Attraction:
By: Mind Powr 365 

One reason people do not get what they want is they are sending out mixed signals. You must be in complete agreement inside on what you want. If part of you wants something & the other part of you doesn’t believe that you deserve it you are sending out mixed signals. These signals are canceling out each other & will create tension inside each fighting for dominance.

You’re the gatekeeper of you mind. Let go and release all negative, limiting concepts and beliefs. Now focus on becoming what you want to be, for what you are you will attract. Every thought you plant should be a positive one filling up all the space in the mind to where there’s no room for doubt or unbelief to take root in your mental garden.

If you have any negative doubt or hesitation you are recognizing the possibility of failure. By recognizing failure you have given it life & have increased the chances of it manifesting. To attract success, do this in reverse. Have steadfast faith with no hesitation recognizing on the possibility of succeeding. This will eradicate any chance of failure to take root.

What Are Positive Daily Affirmations? By: Evelyn Lim

What Are Positive Daily Affirmations?
By: Evelyn Lim

Affirmations are positive thoughts or statements about some outcome you wish to achieve, such as wealth, success, or health. Instead of negative self-talk, you can use positive daily affirmations to direct what your focus will be. You can conquer your past and present fears, and enjoy your present or create the future by affirmation. Affirmations redirect your values, help formulate goals, or prepare you for situations, whenever or wherever they may occur.

You can say your positive daily affirmations silently or aloud to yourself. Repetition of affirmations will also counteract negative thoughts that may stream through your mind, automatically sometimes. You may write affirmations on a card ─ carried in your pocket, taped to a mirror, or placed where it is always visible to you. Repeat your positive affirmations at intervals throughout your day, to reinforce the positive belief and to maintain a positive state of mind.

It takes constant practice to focus on an affirming thought. Initially, you may not find it easy to hear the affirmation above the internal noise of negative thoughts and feelings. Given enough time, however, you can change most of the basic ideas about yourself by positive daily affirmations.

Positive Daily Affirmations VideoHow To Develop Your Own Postive Daily Affirmations?
Self-developed affirmations (the ones you compose yourself) are the most effective positive daily affirmations. If you couple them with clearly defined written goals and applied faith, their power is unlimited.

To be truly effective, you must write your own affirmations and believe in them; they must have a profound impact on you emotionally. Your firm belief that what you are affirming is possible is crucial, because once you start believing that something is possible, it becomes probable. Without that firm belief, further repetition of your affirmations will just be futile. An affirmation should be a belief in yourself. The desires and dreams that your mind can conceive bear seeds of possibility, and possibilities ultimately become realities.

The emotional dimension of each affirmation should never be overlooked. When you can actually ‘feel' your affirmation, not just utter or read them, their total impact increases immensely. The written affirmations (thus your goals) must ignite an emotional reaction in you, else they simply fall flat.

You should state your positive daily affirmations in the present tense, that is, use "I am..." rather than "I will be..." Saying things in the present tense will program your subconscious mind to believe that what you affirm is already fact. When the subconscious believes that, it will start arranging for bringing what you affirm to you. In other words, the subconscious will drive you to perform the actions needed to live out what you affirm; and, acting thus, you will create the circumstances that make them actually happen for you.

Another important guideline in formulating your affirmations is to write them in the positive state. Many people have the tendency to write affirmations in the negative state ─ which immediately defeats the purpose and the effectiveness of the affirmation. Affirmations written from the negative perspective will never work.

When you convince yourself not to follow certain behaviour, you only bring yourself from the negative to neutral, but there is no movement forward to the positive. When you underscore the positive, you automatically start from a positive note, and you naturally shift your mind-set to forward-looking, positive thinking.

Abundance Affirmations

I am wealthy and abundant Positive Daily Affirmations for Abundance
1. All the things I want and need come to me.

2. I always receive more than what I need.

3. I have a bank account with more than enough.

4. I am an abundant person.

5. I create abundance in all that I say and do.

6. I accept abundance.

7. I welcome, and am open to receive all abundance that comes.

8. I draw abundance to myself today and every day.

Success Affirmations

I am Successful Positive Daily Affirmations For Success
Examples of positive daily affirmations for success include:

1. I am successful.

2. Everything I do turns into success.

3. I am filled with success.

4. Success comes effortlessly to my direction.

5. My success is contagious, other people like it, seek it and respect it.

6. I attract positive-minded people to me; I draw all things positive to myself.

7. I am very fortunate to work at what I love to do.

8. I make powerful and enjoyable business relationships and many of my business contacts are now my friends.

Relationship Affirmations

I have happy relationships. Positive Daily Affirmations For Relationships
Examples of positive daily affirmations for relationships include:

1. I am a confident and positive person, and confident and positive persons gravitate toward me everyday.
2. I know who I obviously am and what I like in personal relationships.

3. I am attracting powerfully positive and healthy people into my life.

4. I am caring, smart, supportive, loyal, and fun to be with.

5. I feel completely at ease and comfortable with all types of people.

6. I am winning in all my relationships.

7. I am a positive and valuable contributor to my relationships.

8. I possess complete ability to articulate my thoughts and feelings to everyone, and I express myself wisely.

Self Esteem AffirmationsPositive Daily Affirmations For Self Esteem
Examples of positive daily affirmations for self esteem include:

1. I am sure of my ability to do what is necessary to improve my life.

2. If I make mistakes, I am able to give myself the benefit of the doubt.

3. I feel basically worthy as a person.

4. I am able to take risks and try new things without fear.

5. I feel good about the way I do my job.

6. I feel about myself pretty much what others think of me.

7. I have compassion for myself and the way my life has developed.

8. I am deserving of all the good things in my life.

Health Affirmations

I am healthy Positive Daily Affirmations For Health
Examples of positive daily affirmations for health include:

1. I am glowing with health and wholeness.
2. I behave in ways that promote my health more every day.

3. I deserve to be in perfect health.

4. I am highly motivated to exercise my body because I find exercise as fun.

5. I love nutritious healthy food, and I enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

6. I am healthy since my practices are healthy.

7. I let go of the past so I can create health now.

8. I create health by expressing love, understanding and compassion.

Put Careful Thought Before Affirming

I am intelligent and know what I want. Additional Considerations For Positive Daily Affirmations
1. Because your experience will create the conditions that allow affirmations to manifest, word the affirmations carefully to make them crystal-clear. State your real, innermost desires and articulate your most expansive sense of self. Affirmations based on a narrow self-concept deliver results that fall short, cause suffering, and further diminish the sense of self.

2. Be deliberate in your affirmations. Spontaneous thoughts voiced out in an intense emotional state may produce undesirable effects, so consider many possible alternatives before choosing the affirmation to silently intone. Silent affirmations are more effective than spoken statements, because they entail more intensity of concentration and resonate through your entire body instead of in your surroundings.

3. Link your affirmations to actual daily actions to lay the ground for their manifestation. For instance, affirming that you will win the lottery can only be set in motion when you play in it.

4. Find a way to make it easy for you to do positive daily affirmations. You may find that it is not a habit for you to make these statements on a regular basis. To circumvent this problem, I have been using Subliminal Power, a software that sits on my PC, flashing out subliminal affirmations subtlely as I work. I figured this to be a better solution for me than using an audio, since I am on the PC more often and am not in the habit of listening to a music CD.

You can of course, choose to do a screensaver, using powerpoint slides, with all your positive affirmations in there. This is how my husband does his, on his laptop.

However, I feel that the effect is different. My affirmations get flashed unobstructively on my screen as I work, whereas my husband only gets to see his list of affirmations when he is not on his keyboard for a couple of minutes.

Article taken from: www.hubpages.com/hub/List-Of-Positive-Daily-Affirmations

Positive People, Positive Thinking, Positive Results!
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Open Doors By: Mind Power 365

Open Doors
By: Mind Power 365

"First relax & get into a balanced mind state. This will allow The Law of Attraction to begin to work in your life. Your attention and focus are key. You create with every thought. Your must feel good about what you want to attract. Don’t fight it, flow with it. The right doors will open with ease & all you must do then is walk through them with an open mind state of acceptance. "

Positive People, Positive Thinking, Positive Results!
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Adversity By: Mind Power 365

By: Mind Power 365

"A tragic event in your life can be very painful, but it also can be a catalyst for growth & for finding yourself. Sometime we don’t realize how far lost we are until we are forced to look at ourselves. A tragedy can destroy you or it can make you. You might not have had control over the event, but you definitely have control over how you respond. The courageous welcome adversity. "

Positive People, Positive Thinking, Positive Results!
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

We create our own circumstances good & bad By: Dan Neilson Brown

We create our own circumstances good & bad.
By: Dan Neilson Brown

A very small percentage of the circumstances
we find ourselves in can be attributed to
the decisions of other people, or to God for
what He has ordained to get our attention.

But, for the most part, we create our own
circumstances... good and bad.

Consciously, or unconsciously, we have
ourselves at some time or another produced
our current conditions through the thoughts
we've engaged in followed by decisions.

It's easy to blame someone or something
outside of ourselves, and make excuses as to
why we may be experiencing certain
unpleasant situations.

But, we must be mature enough to take full
responsibility for our own lives and quit
playing the part of the victim.

It's liberating when you can say, "I got
myself into this, and with God's help, I can
get out."

Realistically, there's no easy way out of
trouble, but there's a simple way...
Think rightly instead of wrongly, and
conditions will begin to improve.

What is thinking rightly? It's what the
Bible says about you, your circumstances,
and God. It is the "truth."

Thinking wrongly has to do with our
emotions. Since emotions are inconsistent,
they cannot be trusted.

Irresponsibly, this is where most people
make major choices in life, during an
emotional high or low. It's a recipe for

You should never make a decision based on

As long as we go on thinking wrongly about
ourselves and our lives, the same sort of
difficulties will continue to harass us.

Every seed must inevitably bring forth after
its own kind, for thought is the seed of

When we think rightly by doing and saying
what God's Word says about our situations,
sooner or later, all ill health, poverty,
loneliness, and unharmonious conditions must

Proverbs 23:07 says, "As a man thinks, so is
he." Now let's take a look at John 10:10...

Christ died that we may have life and have
it to its full. Also, in this same Scripture, it
says "The devil comes only to steal, kill,
and destroy."

Our minds are a battlefield. As long as
there is a devil out there we must
constantly be aware that he's always trying
to influence our thinking in one way or

He wants us to agree with him so he can
control us.

If you're speaking garbage out of your
mouth, then the devil's got you right where
he wants you.

That's why we must speak God's Word in faith
concerning every aspect of our lives. We
need to agree with God!

Even though our minds are a battlefield and
life itself is a battle, it's also a great
adventure that's filled with choices.

There used to be a bumper sticker that read,
"God is my co-pilot." Later, someone created
another one that read, "If God is your
co-pilot, switch seats."

No, it was right the first time. God has put
YOU in the drivers seat.

He said, "I set before you life and death,
blessing and cursing, therefore, choose
life" (Deuteronomy 30:19).

What you just read comes from Chapter 3
of my eBook/Audio Book:
"5 Biblical Keys to Changing Your Life"

I wanted to share that with you because
the mind is the place where the battle will
be either won or lost!

Positive People, Positive Thinking, Positive Results!

Tough Times By: Mind Power 365

Tough Times
By: Mind Power 365

"During the tough times we grow the most. Embrace the trial instead of resisting it. The only way to get past the trial is to go through it, if you fight it you are running from the exit. With a simple change in thinking, the trial can become your best friend, one that you will be honest with you & tell you the truth.
Where the truth is growth is not far behind. Eventually you will grow bigger than your problem. "

Positive People, Positive Thinking, Positive Results!

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Scroll Six - Personal Initiative By:Napolean Hill

Scroll Six - Personal Initiative
By: Napolean Hill

Personal initiative bears the same relationship to an
individual that a self-starter bears to an automobile!
It is the power that starts all action.
It is the power that assures completion
of anything one begins.

Personal initiative is the inner power that starts all action.
It is the dynamo that spurs the faculty of your imagination
into action and inspires you to finish what you start.
Personal initiative is self-motivation.

Today's employer usually is yesterday's employee
who found opportunity waiting for him
at the end of the second mile.

Positive People, Positive Thinking, Positive Results!
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Mirror: By Mind Power 365

The Mirror

When you look in the mirror you see yesterday, for yesterday’s thoughts brought you today’s results. If your not happy with what you see reexamine your thinking. The first step to a better future is better thoughts today. Thinking is creating, creating is manifesting, and manifesting is your life. Your life is whatever you are thinking and whatever you are thinking eventually you will see in the mirror one day.

Mind Power 365
Positive People, Positive Thinking, Positive Results
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You can run but you can't hide! By: Mind Power 365

You can run but you can't hide!

You can run but you cannot hide from your thinking. Whatever you are thinking will eventually manifest itself into the physical form in your life in some shape or form. Whether you know it or not you are an artist painting your life with your thoughts and the words you speak. You cannot run from art for art will always find a way to express itself. My suggestion is for you to quit the track team.

Mind Power 365

The Mind vs. Disease By: Mind Power 365

The Mind vs. Disease

Any sickness in the body started first in the mind. If the mind caused it, the mind can heal it. Instead of focusing on the disease in the future, doctors will treat the area of the mind & the thinking process that caused it. This thinking feeds and sustains the sickness. If the mind fed it, the mind can starve it. By starving the disease the sickness will cease to exist in the body.

Positive People, Positive Thinking, Positive Results!
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Pleasing Personality (Scroll Five) By: Napolean Hill

Pleasing Personality
(Scroll Five)
By: Napolean Hill

A pleasing personality is the aggregate of all the agreeable gratifying and likable qualities of any one individual.

Believe in yourself - first and foremost! What you believe yourself to be, you are. The attitudes you transmit to others will tell more about yourself than the words you say or how you look. Enthusiasm comes from within. It is a PMA characteristic. You can generate enthusiasm by your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

*It is essential that you develop a Pleasing Personality - pleasing to yourself and others.

Positive People, Positive Thinking, Positive Results!
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A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne

A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne
Creator of The Secret

From The Secret Daily Teachings
Another easy way to use the law of attraction for your benefit is this:

Every night before you fall asleep, replay in your mind the good moments of the day, and give heartfelt thanks for each one of them. Think about the next day also, and intend that it is going to be amazing, that it is going to be filled with love and joy, and that all good is coming to you. Intend that it is going to be the best day of your life. Then when you wake in the morning, BEFORE you get out of bed, declare your intentions again for the day and give deep thanks as though you have received them all.
May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne
The Secret... bringing joy to billions

Positive People, Positive Thinking, Positive Results!
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Do you believe? By: Daniel Dominguez

Do you believe?
By: Daniel Dominguez

Nowadays the word “believe” has become a little bit overrated.
I remember when “believe” was a word of fire, passion and courage. It was a word that gave inspiration and didn't leave space for doubt or worries.

“Believe” has been a word that has created the greatest moments and emotions in all the entrepreneurs and big dreamers that have changed the world through centuries like, Lincoln, Einstein, Walt Disney, Edison and Martin Luther King among others. What made them different? They truly believed!!!

Nowadays you hear all type of stories, most of them negative, but the shocking thing is that people use their intellectual, creative and spiritual power to “Believe” in that.

You can see it all over the place, people believing on the negative problems of governments, recessions and wars, but if you give them the tools and knowledge to turn 180 degrees and head towards their true north, they say, “I don’t believe that, is to good to be true”.

Did you know that the same creative, intellectual and spiritual power is required to express doubt and worries or faith and hope?

Your focus will determine your path and way of living, be strong and choose your destiny, decide who you are going to be and don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do it.

Turn the word “Believe” into a lighter that turns on the fire within you to accomplish all your dreams. Start by believing in the most important being in your life, yourself.

If you believe in yourself everyone will and those who don’t, will be missing the precious gift that the beautiful emotion of truly believing has given you now.

Describe your dream, decide to obtain it and believe in yourself, nobody has ever achieved something without first believing they can. And the next time you think that being the “Achiever” is “to good to be true” better think that you could be the one that is going to set the example and inspire others.

Be that Change.

~Live your Dream, Dream Your Life.

Daniel Dominguez
Co-Founder of G.O.D. Brothers Venture

Positive People, Positive Thinking, Positive Results!
Mind Power 365

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Keys to The Secret and The Law of Attraction Part 1: By Mind Power 365

Keys to The Secret & The Law of Attraction
Part 1
By: Mind Power 365

When your thoughts are clear you are but a blur. When you are clear your thoughts are but a blur. Where the Law of Attraction has the most power is when you bring yourself and your thoughts into Focus at the same time. When you can harness that focus, all things are possible. The power becomes infinite. Where there’s no controlled focus, there is no true power. MP365

To attract what you want in life, you must repel what you don’t want. To do this, the mind must reject your present location. If you are comfortable and complacent where you are you will never arrive where you want to be. You can’t be at two places at the same time & be at peace. Think, become, and then do. No obstacle can stop you except your focus. For wherever your focus is your body will eventually be also. So to think is to focus, to focus is to attract, to attract is to become, and when you become you will do. MP365

The Law of Attraction can be powerful in the mind of a person with no hesitation, with unwavering faith, and full of clarity. Go inside and find the true motive, the drive inside of you that makes you want a certain thing. Is this motive for the good or is it out of balance? To have happiness, your mind must be in balance. Clarity is power, a powerful mind is balanced, balance is happiness, and happiness is The Law of Attraction.

To be free is to have wings; to have wings is to have faith. We enslave ourselves with doubt, for doubt is fear and fear is the darkest prison on earth. To climb out of this prison and to unlock the chains around our mind we must spread our wings and fly. As we soar we become free and freedom is unwavering faith. Do everything you do with wings.

Overcoming is but one step. That step gives birth to motion which creates energy. Energy creates momentum. Focused momentum creates power and thrust. A powerful thrust can break through any obstacle if pinpointed with focus. So focus your thoughts on that first step and it will give birth too many more steps. You overcome one step at a time. In due time you will be an overcomer. Now all you have to do is step up.

Let your mind go completely blank. Use your thoughts as colors & brushes on a fresh new canvas. Paint your life with balance, confidence, beaming with love, & bursting out with happiness. From this happiness envision your life the way U want it to be. Most people start with the thing they are missing & think if they have it they will be happy. Do this in reverse, envision being happy then add the thing U want. True happiness is the strongest magnet in the world. We call this magnet The Law of Attraction.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Going the Extra Mile: By Napolean Hill

Going the Extra Mile

Render more and better service than that
for which you are paid, and sooner or later you will receive
compound interest on compound interest
from your investment. For it is inevitable that every seed of
useful service you sow will multiply itself and come back
to you in overwhelming abundance.

Put your mind to work. Access your ability and energy.
Who could use your help? How can you help?
It doesn't take money... all it takes is ingenuity
and a strong desire to be genuine service. Helping others to solve
their problems will help you to solve your own.

The most successful people are those who
serve the greates number of people.

Article Taken from: http://www.naphill.org/
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Applied Faith By: Napolean Hill

Applied Faith

Faith is a state of mind which may develop by

conditioning your mind to receive Infinite Intelligence.
Applied faith is the adaptation of the power received
from Infinite Intelligence to a definite major purpose.
Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought.
When faith is added to thought, the subconscious mind
instantly picksup the vibration, translates it into
its spiritual equivalent, and transmits it to
Infinite Intelligence. Faith is the only agency through
which the cosmic force of Infinite Intelligence
can be harnessed and used.

You can do it if you believe you can.

Article Taken from: http://www.naphill.org/

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mastermind Alliance By: Napolean Hill

Mastermind Alliance
By: Napolean Hill

The Mastermind principle consists of an alliance of two or
more minds working in perfect harmony for the attainment
of a common definite objective.

No two minds ever come together without a third
invisible force, which may be likened to a "third mind."
When a group of individual minds are coordinated and
function in harmony, the increased energy created through
that alliance becomes available to
every individual in the group.

No man can become a permanent success without taking
others along with him.

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Definiteness of Purpose the starting point of all achievement: By Napolean HIll

Definiteness of Purpose the starting point of all achievement.
By: Napolean Hill

Don't be like a ship at sea without a rudder, powerless and directionless.

Decide what you want, find out how to get it, and then take daily action toward achieving your goal.

You will get exactly and only what you ask and work for.

Make up your mind today what it is you want and then start today to go after it! Do it now!

Successful people move on their own initiative, But they know where they are going before they start.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Law of Attraction: What Is It And How To Use It Instantly By: Ankur Sancheti

Law of Attraction:
What Is It And How To Use It Instantly
By: Ankur Sancheti

What is Law of Attraction?

Law of Attraction is a Universal law like the law of Gravity that is impersonal that applies to each one of as at any moment of time. Think how beautifully gravity applies to us. Law of attraction says our thoughts are magnets. As magnet attracts metal, we also attract our sub-atomic possibilities with thoughts. Dr. Emoto's water experiment proves it beautifully; he shows how negative and positive thoughts affect the wave pattern in water. If thoughts can do this to water, imagine what it can do to you, keeping the fact in mind that our body is composed of approx. 70% of water. Interesting?

The discoveries of Quantum Physics and Metaphysics have unearthed the miraculous power and possibilities that Law of attraction possesses. Thanks to Dr. Fred Alan Wolf's Double slit experiment in which he proves that if atoms are observed they change their behavior. In other words we affect the physical world around us with our thoughts or we create our own reality, there are no coincidences or luck, it all comes back to you because, "You attracted it" . You will get more of it because, "Like Attracts like" .

"You are in present is what you attracted in past, if you want to want something badly in future, attract it in present. Attract it right now."

How does Law of Attraction Works ?

Each of your attraction consists of energy particles that have magnetic properties, which attracts like particles. Substances with the same vibrational energy begin to connect to form a physical reality, in other words we call, it manifests. To make it lot simpler, if you seek happiness in your attraction or thought, you release energy at some frequency, now everything around you with the same energy level or the same frequency will connect with you. In other words you will observe and attract, only the things around you that give you happiness.

Recall the last time you said, "Ouch it's not my day today, whatever I lay my hand on, goes wrong". Do you remember? Do you know why it happens? You are essentially attracting "things to go wrong and make you stressed". You are actually sending a signal in the universe at some frequency and all the things around you at that frequency will respond to you and will get you more of what you attracted. Like as i said, "Like attracts like". These is enough for all of us, Universe is abundant. All you have to do is to attracts, its delivery is assured.

How to Apply Law of Attraction in your own life for Instant Manifestation:

Law of attraction is just a Law; the beauty is into its application in your own life for instant manifestation. How effectively do you attract is the name of the game. The More powerful is you attraction, the quicker things manifest. It's positively correlated. No exception. Out of my research, experience and discussions over the years, I have devised a system which, I have named "Power Law of Attraction", which is nothing but an approach to apply law of attraction effectively and instantly, it's a do-it-yourself, fool-proof, time-tested system. I tried to go beyond the mainstream approach of using law of attraction.

"If you do not attract what you want but what you are, you will be what you are, FOREEVER". --- Ankur Sancheti

Whatever we attract we get more of it, still most of us attract depression, stress, poor life style, sadness, loneliness or anything that we do not want. Why? Simple, with each and every such affirmation of "I do not want...", "I dislike....", "i hate ...." we are in fact releasing the frequencies of attracting it and as the Law of attraction says, "Like attracts like", so be it. You will get more of what do not want. Simple as that. I recommend being a Power Attractor with my system.

Visualization is a power tool in my Power Law of Attraction System. Neuroscience says, "Brain cannot differentiate between what is there in thoughts and what is there in reality, for it both are same, it reacts the same way for both". Using these techniques even athletes are trained for improving performance. I have tried to use the same technique, Which i call, "Power Visualization", in involves sub-modalities (tough, feel, here, sound, animation, forwards play, backward play, color) which make your attraction a complete holographic experience and power visualization recommends you to involves the most possible granular level details of your attraction in your visualization, like as usual, your brain takes it as physical reality and you release frequencies that you have already achieved it (it has manifested) and as usual, law of attraction ensure to get you back more of what you attracted with the belief, that you have already achieved it. Power visualization makes you enjoy what you want, even before it manifests in physical reality (atomic experience). Imagine having a wealthy life style, happiness, abundance, the bike you like, your dream house, your dream jewelry, your love, financial independence all instantly. After all it all starts from within. I strongly recommend all to design an "Attraction Board", sketched with your attractions (what you badly want), the more you see it the more it strengthens your attraction, eventually it manifests.

My friends and I have been using Power law of Attraction System in our personal and professional life with great success instantly manifesting anything.

How fast will my attraction manifest?

Well this is the most asked question to me. The beauty of law of attraction is into the approach that you take to apply it, most of the time people fail to apply it effectively and lose faith in the possibilities of it, these are the ones who lobby and create controversies and false assumptions that law of attraction does not work. Of course, it does not work by itself, you need to use it with an approach that ensures instant manifestation, I believe, Power Law of Attraction System is your answer.

"Take the first step in faith, rest will unfold, as you go along". --- Ankur Sancheti

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