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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Keys to The Secret and The Law of Attraction Part 1: By Mind Power 365

Keys to The Secret & The Law of Attraction
Part 1
By: Mind Power 365

When your thoughts are clear you are but a blur. When you are clear your thoughts are but a blur. Where the Law of Attraction has the most power is when you bring yourself and your thoughts into Focus at the same time. When you can harness that focus, all things are possible. The power becomes infinite. Where there’s no controlled focus, there is no true power. MP365

To attract what you want in life, you must repel what you don’t want. To do this, the mind must reject your present location. If you are comfortable and complacent where you are you will never arrive where you want to be. You can’t be at two places at the same time & be at peace. Think, become, and then do. No obstacle can stop you except your focus. For wherever your focus is your body will eventually be also. So to think is to focus, to focus is to attract, to attract is to become, and when you become you will do. MP365

The Law of Attraction can be powerful in the mind of a person with no hesitation, with unwavering faith, and full of clarity. Go inside and find the true motive, the drive inside of you that makes you want a certain thing. Is this motive for the good or is it out of balance? To have happiness, your mind must be in balance. Clarity is power, a powerful mind is balanced, balance is happiness, and happiness is The Law of Attraction.

To be free is to have wings; to have wings is to have faith. We enslave ourselves with doubt, for doubt is fear and fear is the darkest prison on earth. To climb out of this prison and to unlock the chains around our mind we must spread our wings and fly. As we soar we become free and freedom is unwavering faith. Do everything you do with wings.

Overcoming is but one step. That step gives birth to motion which creates energy. Energy creates momentum. Focused momentum creates power and thrust. A powerful thrust can break through any obstacle if pinpointed with focus. So focus your thoughts on that first step and it will give birth too many more steps. You overcome one step at a time. In due time you will be an overcomer. Now all you have to do is step up.

Let your mind go completely blank. Use your thoughts as colors & brushes on a fresh new canvas. Paint your life with balance, confidence, beaming with love, & bursting out with happiness. From this happiness envision your life the way U want it to be. Most people start with the thing they are missing & think if they have it they will be happy. Do this in reverse, envision being happy then add the thing U want. True happiness is the strongest magnet in the world. We call this magnet The Law of Attraction.

Positive People, Positive Thinking, Positive Results!

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