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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do you believe? By: Daniel Dominguez

Do you believe?
By: Daniel Dominguez

Nowadays the word “believe” has become a little bit overrated.
I remember when “believe” was a word of fire, passion and courage. It was a word that gave inspiration and didn't leave space for doubt or worries.

“Believe” has been a word that has created the greatest moments and emotions in all the entrepreneurs and big dreamers that have changed the world through centuries like, Lincoln, Einstein, Walt Disney, Edison and Martin Luther King among others. What made them different? They truly believed!!!

Nowadays you hear all type of stories, most of them negative, but the shocking thing is that people use their intellectual, creative and spiritual power to “Believe” in that.

You can see it all over the place, people believing on the negative problems of governments, recessions and wars, but if you give them the tools and knowledge to turn 180 degrees and head towards their true north, they say, “I don’t believe that, is to good to be true”.

Did you know that the same creative, intellectual and spiritual power is required to express doubt and worries or faith and hope?

Your focus will determine your path and way of living, be strong and choose your destiny, decide who you are going to be and don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do it.

Turn the word “Believe” into a lighter that turns on the fire within you to accomplish all your dreams. Start by believing in the most important being in your life, yourself.

If you believe in yourself everyone will and those who don’t, will be missing the precious gift that the beautiful emotion of truly believing has given you now.

Describe your dream, decide to obtain it and believe in yourself, nobody has ever achieved something without first believing they can. And the next time you think that being the “Achiever” is “to good to be true” better think that you could be the one that is going to set the example and inspire others.

Be that Change.

~Live your Dream, Dream Your Life.

Daniel Dominguez
Co-Founder of G.O.D. Brothers Venture

Positive People, Positive Thinking, Positive Results!
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