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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wisdom on The Law of Attraction: By Mind Power 365

Wisdom on The Law of Attraction:
By: Mind Powr 365 

One reason people do not get what they want is they are sending out mixed signals. You must be in complete agreement inside on what you want. If part of you wants something & the other part of you doesn’t believe that you deserve it you are sending out mixed signals. These signals are canceling out each other & will create tension inside each fighting for dominance.

You’re the gatekeeper of you mind. Let go and release all negative, limiting concepts and beliefs. Now focus on becoming what you want to be, for what you are you will attract. Every thought you plant should be a positive one filling up all the space in the mind to where there’s no room for doubt or unbelief to take root in your mental garden.

If you have any negative doubt or hesitation you are recognizing the possibility of failure. By recognizing failure you have given it life & have increased the chances of it manifesting. To attract success, do this in reverse. Have steadfast faith with no hesitation recognizing on the possibility of succeeding. This will eradicate any chance of failure to take root.

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