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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Law of Attraction: What Is It And How To Use It Instantly By: Ankur Sancheti

Law of Attraction:
What Is It And How To Use It Instantly
By: Ankur Sancheti

What is Law of Attraction?

Law of Attraction is a Universal law like the law of Gravity that is impersonal that applies to each one of as at any moment of time. Think how beautifully gravity applies to us. Law of attraction says our thoughts are magnets. As magnet attracts metal, we also attract our sub-atomic possibilities with thoughts. Dr. Emoto's water experiment proves it beautifully; he shows how negative and positive thoughts affect the wave pattern in water. If thoughts can do this to water, imagine what it can do to you, keeping the fact in mind that our body is composed of approx. 70% of water. Interesting?

The discoveries of Quantum Physics and Metaphysics have unearthed the miraculous power and possibilities that Law of attraction possesses. Thanks to Dr. Fred Alan Wolf's Double slit experiment in which he proves that if atoms are observed they change their behavior. In other words we affect the physical world around us with our thoughts or we create our own reality, there are no coincidences or luck, it all comes back to you because, "You attracted it" . You will get more of it because, "Like Attracts like" .

"You are in present is what you attracted in past, if you want to want something badly in future, attract it in present. Attract it right now."

How does Law of Attraction Works ?

Each of your attraction consists of energy particles that have magnetic properties, which attracts like particles. Substances with the same vibrational energy begin to connect to form a physical reality, in other words we call, it manifests. To make it lot simpler, if you seek happiness in your attraction or thought, you release energy at some frequency, now everything around you with the same energy level or the same frequency will connect with you. In other words you will observe and attract, only the things around you that give you happiness.

Recall the last time you said, "Ouch it's not my day today, whatever I lay my hand on, goes wrong". Do you remember? Do you know why it happens? You are essentially attracting "things to go wrong and make you stressed". You are actually sending a signal in the universe at some frequency and all the things around you at that frequency will respond to you and will get you more of what you attracted. Like as i said, "Like attracts like". These is enough for all of us, Universe is abundant. All you have to do is to attracts, its delivery is assured.

How to Apply Law of Attraction in your own life for Instant Manifestation:

Law of attraction is just a Law; the beauty is into its application in your own life for instant manifestation. How effectively do you attract is the name of the game. The More powerful is you attraction, the quicker things manifest. It's positively correlated. No exception. Out of my research, experience and discussions over the years, I have devised a system which, I have named "Power Law of Attraction", which is nothing but an approach to apply law of attraction effectively and instantly, it's a do-it-yourself, fool-proof, time-tested system. I tried to go beyond the mainstream approach of using law of attraction.

"If you do not attract what you want but what you are, you will be what you are, FOREEVER". --- Ankur Sancheti

Whatever we attract we get more of it, still most of us attract depression, stress, poor life style, sadness, loneliness or anything that we do not want. Why? Simple, with each and every such affirmation of "I do not want...", "I dislike....", "i hate ...." we are in fact releasing the frequencies of attracting it and as the Law of attraction says, "Like attracts like", so be it. You will get more of what do not want. Simple as that. I recommend being a Power Attractor with my system.

Visualization is a power tool in my Power Law of Attraction System. Neuroscience says, "Brain cannot differentiate between what is there in thoughts and what is there in reality, for it both are same, it reacts the same way for both". Using these techniques even athletes are trained for improving performance. I have tried to use the same technique, Which i call, "Power Visualization", in involves sub-modalities (tough, feel, here, sound, animation, forwards play, backward play, color) which make your attraction a complete holographic experience and power visualization recommends you to involves the most possible granular level details of your attraction in your visualization, like as usual, your brain takes it as physical reality and you release frequencies that you have already achieved it (it has manifested) and as usual, law of attraction ensure to get you back more of what you attracted with the belief, that you have already achieved it. Power visualization makes you enjoy what you want, even before it manifests in physical reality (atomic experience). Imagine having a wealthy life style, happiness, abundance, the bike you like, your dream house, your dream jewelry, your love, financial independence all instantly. After all it all starts from within. I strongly recommend all to design an "Attraction Board", sketched with your attractions (what you badly want), the more you see it the more it strengthens your attraction, eventually it manifests.

My friends and I have been using Power law of Attraction System in our personal and professional life with great success instantly manifesting anything.

How fast will my attraction manifest?

Well this is the most asked question to me. The beauty of law of attraction is into the approach that you take to apply it, most of the time people fail to apply it effectively and lose faith in the possibilities of it, these are the ones who lobby and create controversies and false assumptions that law of attraction does not work. Of course, it does not work by itself, you need to use it with an approach that ensures instant manifestation, I believe, Power Law of Attraction System is your answer.

"Take the first step in faith, rest will unfold, as you go along". --- Ankur Sancheti

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  1. A very good article on mind power or law of attraction and it is equally true that if atoms are observed they change their behavior but this discovery force me to think what is the true nature of life..If an observation can change the whole course of like then it's(life) nature should be illusionist.Mind power can be really a very good tool to discover the "real" and "reality".


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