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Saturday, May 29, 2010

How Positive Thinking Can Defeat Anxiety: By Marilyn Roberts

How Positive Thinking Can Defeat Anxiety:
 By Marilyn Roberts

There is a drug-free way to treat anxiety that will build your self esteem at the same time. Positive thinking can be the answer to this problem afflicting millions of people. Although positive thinking may not

alleviate all stress and anxiety from your life, it can be worthwhile to try if it will even help some in overcoming the problems associated with a poor self esteem and your mental attitude.

Anxiety and Self Esteem

Anxiety can be directly related to low self esteem. If you are convinced that you cannot do something or are not good enough or worthy enough, then your self esteem suffers and therefore usually anxiety will follow closely behind. You can change your outlook about yourself with positive thinking and proving to yourself that you are good enough and you are worthy enough. You need to constantly reinforce your own self worth and you will see many of your anxiety issues slowly fade away.

There are many different positive thinking techniques that you can use to start building your self esteem every day. One of the ways is to surround yourself with other positive thinking people. Chemistry can be developed between like-minded individuals, so why develop low self esteem with negative thinking people when you can just as easily build good self esteem with positive thinking people? When you are feeling bad about yourself just make a list of your positive characteristics and keep them on hand for low self esteem and anxiety moments. Work on adding to your list of positive feelings about yourself and you will start attempting new things as your confidence in yourself builds.

Anxiety and Stress

Stress is the biggest contributor to anxiety but stress is self-induced and can be controlled. If you allow positive thinking to take control of your stress, then you are less likely to experience anxiety. You need to learn to combat stress with positive thinking, refer to your list of positive thoughts about yourself often, and you will find yourself becoming less anxious and will find your problems easier to deal with.

Breaking down your problems into easy to deal with stages will help you handle them in a better, more positive way. Your positive thinking encourages you to complete one step at a time instead of attempting to solve a whole problem all at once. Each step that you conquer will build your self confidence and alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that has been built up. Do not allow yourself to get stressed over something which you have no control of. This will only create unnecessary stress and anxiety. Use your time wisely and conserve your energy to use in a positive way to concentrate on the problems that are within your control.

Determining the causes of your anxiety will allow you to develop different positive thinking techniques and strategies to overcome these problems. It is up to you to take control of your life, including your stress and anxiety issues. Counteract anxiety in your life with positive thoughts and you will start seeing a difference in your outlook on life and many aspects of your life will improve.

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