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Monday, May 31, 2010

“Learn to Make Decisions and The Universe Will Treat You with Respect” By Daniel Dominguez

“Learn to Make Decisions and The Universe Will
Treat You with Respect”
By: Daniel Dominguez
Co-Founder of G.O.D. Brothers Venture LLC

Have you ever thought about the huge importance that making a decision has?
Most of the people go through their lives without even considering how much every decision affects their day-to-day lives.

Should I continue on this job, should I go to college, should I study this career, should I get married, should I join the team, should I make this deal, etc.

Every single moment in our lives, we are presented with the enormous power to make our own choices but sometimes we don’t even realize how one decision could make all of our lives better or worst.

Since I started studying human behavior and success stories I noticed that people who make the wrong choices make them because they don’t really know what they really want in their lives. They just walk along the path of life wondering when is something great going to happen to them.

All of these people think that the universe has the control and they just have to enjoy the ride no matter what is like and forget the huge principle of “Free Will”.

From the moment we are born we are given one of the greatest blessing of all, the power to decide. We have the ability to dictate our own results based on the decisions we make. First we need to be really clear about what we want to accomplish in our lives and set our vision and dream as a goal.

Based on that list of goals we create, we have to chunk them down to a point in which we know we can give the first step and take action now!!!!

For example, if our goal is to study certain career at a certain university at a certain time. We could have the vision, the big picture of that precious moment, but to start moving into that direction we have to decide to take the first step now before we loose track.

You can start doing it by getting useful information, network with current students, professors or graduates in person or online, write down the requirements to apply, start working on those requirements and if you want to go even further, start researching and deciding the opportunities you will have and how you want them to be when you graduate.

These actions will move you forward to your dream and your dream will pull you towards him through the energy of the universe. This is proven science because once we have a goal and we decide to pursue it, our brain works as an internal GPS to accomplish it.

If our goal is clear enough our brain won’t see black or white, up or down, on or off, if not that it will only see the right road towards success.

This is the importance of making decisions, when we are not aware of our power to decide or don’t know what we truly want, then is when circumstances or people are in charge of our lives, and then we complain “why things are like these in my life?”

When things go wrong, just remember you were the one who decided to take that road and you are the one who can change it again. Successful people may have many strategies to accomplish what they want but they only have plan “A” and that is their only option, succeed at what ever they desire the most.

Take the steering wheel of your life, be the captain of your own ship and only look where your compass dictates.

I truly believe every human being has the potential to decide their own future and therefore accomplish whatever they desire. As Napoleon Hill Said, “Circumstances, I make them”.

To Your Eternal Success,
~Daniel Dominguez
Co-Founder of G.O.D. Brothers Venture LLC
Learn more about me and with me on facebook. http://bit.ly/DanielFb

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