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Monday, May 31, 2010

Mind Power 365 Mission Statement: Who We Are, Our Goals, and Objectives

Mind Power 365
Mission Statement

Who We Are:
We are network of Passionate Christian Believers, Positive Thinkers, Prosperity Teachers, Coaches,
Mentors, Successful Business Leaders, Visionaries, Big Dreamers, Big Achievers, Winners, Therapists, &
Followers of the Law of Attraction

Our Mission:
To Spread God's Word, Positivity, Positive Thinking, Teach People How to Renew Their Minds, Honesty, Integrity, Character, Inspire, Teach People to Balance Their Lives, Encourage people to Dream Bigger, Support, Uplift, Teach The Law Of Attraction and Abundance, Heal, & to Help Others Reach Their God Given Potential,
Reach over 1,000,000 People Wolrdwide Online (Step 1)

Target Audience:
All People of Every Race, Age, and Gender who want to be Successful in all areas of life.

Short Term Goals (1-3yrs):
Put Together a Loyal, Powerful, Dedicated Group of 12 Visionary Staff Members in many Diverse areas of Expertise, Who will follow the Biblical Principles of Prosperity, Flexible Who will Think outside the box,
To Promote, Coach, Mentor, Lead this Organization to a Branded, Productive, Effective, Top Level Dominance in the Field of Positive Thinking, Overcoming all Obstacles, To be #1 in the Field of Positivity and the Law of Attraction Inspiring, &Teaching over 1,000,000 people Worldwide on our
mindpower365.com Blog, Twitter, and Facebook Online Network Outlets
Always Giving more than We are taking.

Mid-Term Goals (3-5 Yrs):
Move from an Online Dominance to a International Media Conglomerate with our 
PositiveWorldwide TV Network, Radio Network, and Publishing Company. We will be in all media areas from tv, dvds, audio self help, books, magazines, and clothing etc. with
Multiple Streams of Profitable Income.

Long Term Goals:
Go Public Selling Millions of Shares on the Nasdaq making profits for our Share holders & Staff members, thus having the full capitialization to Expand Into Every Continent in the World. 
We will Give back to the community with our Profits, Time, and Energy with the Same Drive, Organizing, and Intensity that We Built this Organization with.

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