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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quotes from "Success is not an Accident" Part 1 By Tommy Newberry

Quotes from "Success is not an Accident" Part 1

When you try to get something for nothing, you become nothing.

Successful people are those who have learned how to consistently apply God's laws in their lives.

No one plans to be mediocre. Rather, mediocrity is the result of no plan at all. If you want to lead and extraordinary life, find out what the ordinary do----and don't do it.

What does Success mean to you? If you don't have a clear picture of success how can you honestly pursue it?
God Plus Goals Plus You is an unbeatable combination!!!
When you take responsibility for your actions, accept that life isn't fair, get rid of excuses, become a doer, and develop an abundance mentality, you will break down many of the barriers keeping you from true success. Maximize your potential that God Gave you!

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