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Monday, May 31, 2010

Visualizing Successful Things

Visualizing Successful Things

The point of this exercise is to get your mind focused on being successful. We all do many many things successfully even if we don’t see it that way yet. The more focused you are on the little successes the more likely it is you succeed at what you choose and choose what you will succeed at.

So, to begin make a list of a few things you would like to accomplish that are just slightly beyond reach in your current mindset. If there is just one goal that is even better, but this is not about THE GOAL this is more about something you want but is just a little difficult and could be accomplished in the next 15-30 days, for instance, losing 5 lbs rather than losing the entire 20 lbs that may be your major goal.

Write down what it will be like, how you will feel, how things will be better and different now that you have accomplished this small but potent goal. Take a minute, and congratulate yourself and really feel like this is now a fact.

After you have finished writing this out, take a few deep breaths, sit or lay down, relax and read your goal a couple of times smiling and feeling good. Now close your eyes and visualize this success smiling and feeling quite content that you have made this milestone. Save this list to read and visualize this success a few times a week until you reach this goal.

This exercise will work on a big goal but you will be more prepared for success after you have done something more believable and you will be empowered by this experience.

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