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Monday, August 9, 2010

Finding Your Soulmate Pt. 2 By: Mind Power 365

Finding your soulmate Pt 2:
When you find somone that you are romantically attracted to, but haven't expressed your feelings towards this person yet, hold in the back of your mind all of the feelings you have for them while you are casually talking to them. Picture yourself with them already in the ki...nd of relationship that you want as you speak. The vibrations of your attraction and desire for them will be felt. The more you talk to them the more this signal of passion and desire will be transmitted. Say in your mind I Am accepting this person completely as the way they are and want them to be in my life more and more each day. I Am in a mutally beneficial harmonious relationship with them already. This is letting the universe know that you are ready for this person to be in your life. Whether face to face, texting, or over the phone hold your mental picture of you and the person being together exactly the way you want it.
By: Mind Power 365

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