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Friday, October 29, 2010

Politics (The Modern Plague) vs. Positive Thinking: By Mind Power 365

Politics (The Modern Plague) vs. Positive Thinking
By: Mind Power 365

     This time a year, with campaigning in full time negative spin mode, I ponder the role of politics in that of the mind of a Powerful Positive Thinker. Can a person of positivity keep his mind on love for his fellow man, gratitude, unity as a community, and infinite prosperity in one's own life while being engaged in the state of current politics? Watching the major new sources on tv and scanning the web blogs, it seems like slander and negative campaigning is the norm. I have yet to truly hear any candidate from any party speak on their own detailed positive accomplishments at any length, their specific laid out detailed plans for the future, or how they are going to really bring the community and nation together. It seems like politics is the art of separation, the art of hatred for anyone with a different view, and the game of who can sling more dirt. How can anything positive come from campaigns so negative? Just merely watching five minutes of the latest campaign news and it seems if the mind starts to drift towards anger, bitterness, and hatred for a particular candidate that I personally have never even met. Then there's these negative independent commercials slinging criminal and slanderous accusations between regular tv programs that have nothing to do with politics. Negativity following us channel by channel like the plague. Maybe that's what politics has become really, the plague. Just as the plague destroyed cities and killed millions all throughout the middle ages, politics is doing that now election after election separating our communities, families, and nation as a whole. I definitely believe in being involved in the community and national affairs, but politics and 
slinging mud has nothing to do with the community or national affairs just the opposite. 

I know whatever I resists persists, so I'm not anti-politics, but rather pro-unity, pro-gratitude, pro-love, pro-peace, pro-truth, and pro-positivity. So instead of watching these campaign updates or focusing on the mud, I'm going to keep my mind clean and on how blessed I am to have such wonderful family, friends, community and nation to live in. I'm going to stay focused on ex-drug addicts that overcame their addictions, the cancer survivor who beat the terminal illness the doctor said couldn't be treated, the little nation that balanced their budget and actually have a surplus, and the boy who ran the marathon who the specialists said would never walk again. I'm going to find every bit of positive news and suck every last drop of positivity out of it... Day after day feed on it. I'm going to start my own campaign, a campaign of positivity. Not to be elected for some public office, but rather to change the minds of millions, to spark the next generation of hope, love, change, prosperity, and peace. My party will be of all races, religions, and creeds. The party of abundance, positivity, healing, and real change. Real change can only come from changing the thoughts, rewiring the mind, and putting action behind faith. I'm not a member of the right or left, 
I'm a dedicated follower of the vertical for that's where God is and I'm positive on that. 

Modern day politics has no place in the mind of a Powerful Positive Thinker. My advice is to Be more aware of what your watching & the feelings you are experiencing. Your feelings don't lie, if you are angry, bitter, or argumentative you probably need to shift you focus back onto gratitude. Gratitude is the Political Kryptonite. For politic's main goal is too make you believe you are getting a raw deal, that someone has taken something from you that you deserve, or to smear someone's reputation. But we here members of the vertical party believe that God's plan is perfect and all works out for the betterment of his good. Gratitude is your answer to negative spin politics. Political power is useless against the power of Gratitude. We don't have to be in Congress or The White House to change the world, we can do that right where we are in our own communities, running our own businesses, and helping every person we come into contact with in some way. Stay focused, stay positive, stay thankful and stay vertical. When you run a campaign like that, 
you will always win by a landslide and I'm positive on that.          

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