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Monday, November 15, 2010

Become a Millionaire in 7 years: Here's The Simple Formula

Become a Millionaire in 7 years: 
Here's The Simple Formula

People often look at becoming a millionaire as some far fetched dream and just out of reach. Becoming a millionaire is in reality just a simple math equation that anybody can do if they are disciplined and determined enough. The formula is a seven year growth plan for which an individual will continue to double his/her net-worth every year. An individual has to be disciplined to stick to this plan and has to dedicate his/herself to the continued learning process of financial education. Anyone is capable of doing this and can do it with a small amount of money to start. The key is to stay on track and to focus on the financial education. There are many avenues to riches in all different fields of industry and business commerce. Each person must find a suitable road to travel that fits his/her personality and develop the plan accordingly. 
The math is the same no matter what business or trade you are in. 
Here's the Millionaire Formula:
Start with $7,812.50 and continue to double this amount for seven years and you will be a millionaire. Most people at the current moment do not have the financial education to double the amounts of money for year 5, 6, or 7 but that shouldn't be the focus. The focus should be on doubling the amount to start $7,812.50 and progress forward each year 
while continuing to grow in money and financial knowledge. If you have done your homework in years 1-4 when you get to year 5, 6, and 7 you will then be ready to make your first million. Most Millionaires did not make their money in the stock market so I do not recommend this unless you have some real strong background and mentors to guide you through the markets. Start with whatever you are doing now and go from there. You will probably have to make some changes on the way to reaching your goal, but if you stay focused and keep learning every year being a Millionaire is a reasonable Mathematical reality and can be accomplished by just about 
anyone who wants it bad enough.
The 7 Year Millionaire Formula 
$7,812.50 x 2  = $15,625
$15,625 x 2 = $31,250
$31,250 x 2 = $62,500
$62,500 x 2 =  $125,000
 $125,000 x 2 = $250,000
$250,000 x 2 = $500,000
$500,000 x 2 = $1,000,000

Now that you have reached your goal of being a Millionaire, How many people are you going to help? In what ways do you intend on making the world a better place?

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