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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Law of Attraction Positive Affirmation of The Day: A Fresh New Start!

The Law of Attraction 
Positive Affirmation of The Day

Today things will start to change in my life.
 I can fill the shift of positive things & good beginning to happen to me. 
I accept this blessing openly & am extremely grateful for everything God is doing in my life. 
I AM over the mountain now. 
I Am very excited about the wonderful things that are now taking place in my life. 
I welcome the fresh new start!
Mind Power 365

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  1. This is a very welcoming affirmation. I love it and will add it to my notes as I work on becoming a master at the law of attraction. I do know that one of my problems is those darn negative thoughts. Like today for example I have been focusing on things that are making me feel bad (very BIG financial problem looming in the near future) though I know that I should be focusing on things that make me feel good.


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