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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The 4 Step Process to Positive Change:

The 4 Step Process to Positive Change:  
Recognize, Release, Replace, and then Reaffirm
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In any kind of recovery the problem must first be recognized and then addressed. 
Bringing the negative problems to attention and focusing on them 
during this first step is not a negative thing. 
This is actually a positive step and the beginning of all change and recovery. 
Once the problem is addressed from that point forward we shift our minds and thoughts onto what we do want and then begin to reinforce this with positive affirmations. Denying, hiding, bottling up negative emotions, and pretending that a problem doesn't exist is not healthy. It actually is the opposite and is the cause of many diseases. 
Our focus is only on the negative for the recognition of the problem 
so that we can then begin to change it. 
It is very important to follow the steps in order.
The 4 step process: Recognize, release, replace, and then reaffirm the desired results.

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