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Mind Power 365
Mind Power 365

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Read 2-3 times Per Day preferably while looking in the mirror

  1.  I put God First in All things
  2.  I am 100% Healthy and My Mind & Body are working in perfect order
  3.  Money comes to Easily, Frequently, & Abundantly in God’s Perfect Way
  4.  I am a Millionaire and my Net Worth is $10,000,000
  5.  I bless and treat others the way I want to be treated
  6.  I control my anger always staying relaxed and in control
  7.  I have multiple streams of income with my money overflowing
  8.  I am happy, successful, and at a peace at all times
  9.  I have a wonderful fulfilling marriage
  10.  I am disciplined with my spending
  11.  I attract and study under great mentors
  12.  I am patient and focused always seeing the big picture
  13.  I visualize, plan, & follow thru
  14.  I grab momentum and never let go
  15.  I am fluid in all my business ventures
  16.  I never get complacent always striving to get better
  17.  I embrace change turning it into my advantage
  18.  I fear nothing because I have Faith in God
  19.  I am a sponge soaking up knowledge and wisdom
  20.  I am a charismatic leader who inspires others to do great things
  21.  I observe and study everything and everyone around me
  22.  I look at things from multiple angels
  23.  I plan and maximize every day that God gives me
  24.  I feel great, full of energy, confident and I believe I can do great things
  25.  Great opportunities come my way and I take advantage of them
  26.  I am always in the right position at the right time
  27.  I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me
  28.  I surround myself with wise counsel always listening with an open mind
  29.  I am a problem solver
  30.  Whatever I do I do it with passion
  31.  I submit to God’s will over my life
  32.  I properly harness infinite power thru the word of God
  33.  My money multiplies 1,000 fold
  34.  I walk and talk like a winner in all that I do
  35.  I have discernment and know what to do in all situations
  36.  My mouth only speaks Truth, Healing, Abundance, &  Prosperity
  37.  I always attract the resources to do whatever needs to be done
  38.  I receive everything God wants me to have openly
  39.  I let go and release everything that is not of God easily
  40.  I am purpose driven and all the right doors open for me

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