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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prayer For New Wings: Mind Power 365

Prayer For New Wings
By: Mind Power 365

How long must the tears rain down
How long must they go unanswered
How long until you show your mighty face
How long must I bear the weight on my shoulders
The mountain is high but my legs keep climbing
You forgave David for murdering and lying
You heard him because he prayed facedown
His heart was with you, that's something you could build around
I have no other option, it's just you and I now
No back up plan, just you and I now

Day by day I memorize your every line
We grow stronger through trials by your awesome design
How long, I so struggle with time
You hear the prayers of the righteous, but do you hear mine?
Oh how I love our walks, our therapy sessions
You teach in parables with real life lessons
You're the reason, the reason I make so much noise
You're my hope, strength, and amazing joy
The waiting is the hard part, I know you will deliver me
Why do you stay so silent when i know you're so near to me

You're my best friend, a friend in deed
I've been beating myself up, Lord grant me your peace
Bring me back into balance, set my soul at ease 
Prayers in solitude, sincere on my knees
End my suffering thy Lord, I welcome you in
Grant your servant new wings so I can fly again


  1. Friends 4 ever! I love you guys!! Haven't had time to read everything, please do not erase. My aunt/godmother is in town for my birthday. Today, we tackled(hope I am using the word correctly)my apartment. It is looking good!

    How is your book coming along? Can't wait for it to be published.

  2. I am putting this in my profile/journal. Hope you don't mind but I have a question. Is it a friend in deed or should it be indeed?

    Thank you.


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