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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yogananda’s 30 Affirmations for April

Yogananda’s 30 Affirmations for April

March 31st, 2011  •  By Paramhansa Yogananda

Paramhansa YoganandaLong before it became popular, Yogananda began collecting and composing short affirmations and reflections, to be pondered on a daily basis for the elevation of the mind. Below are some of his affirmations for the month of April.

April 1. The power of Thy love crucifies all my thoughts of doubt and fear; that I may rise, triumphant over death, and ascend on wings of light to Thee.
April 2. Real love is that which is happy in the comfort of the beloved.
April 3. Teach us to conquer the Satan of dividing selfishness, which prevents the union of brother-souls into the one fold of Spirit.
April 4. Teach me to discern all laws of virtue not with dread but with love.
April 5. Teach me to remember that virtue may be difficult to follow at the start, but that when I obey its laws, it will adorn me finally with the laurel of Thy happiness.
April 6. May Thy glory shine in every nook of my consciousness, in every temple of my love.
April 7. I disconnected the rays of my mind from the little territory of the senses and switched them on in the land of the Infinite.
April 8. Let the flowers of my devotion blossom in the garden of my heart, with the dawn of Thy coming. Let me weave a garland of them, and place it at Thy feet.
April 9. Drive disease from our bodies; shake our minds free from weakness; destroy darkness evermore by the presence of Thine eternal flame.
April 10. May Thy light of love forever illumine the altar of our hearts.
April 11. Meditation is that special form of concentration in which the attention which has been liberated from restlessness is focused on God.
April 12. God is the indwelling Self of man and of the whole universe.
April 13. Hold on to love, truth, meditation and service.
April 14. Think of nothing but light, and ignorance shall disappear.
April 15. All the todays of my life are determined by the actions of all the yesterdays, and all the tomorrows depend upon the way in which I live all the todays.
April 16. Ignorance must first go from within us; then it disappears without.
April 17. Have faith everlasting in the teacher, teaching, and God. You shall see the goal: lo! it is there before you.
April 18. True friendship is the light with which we can help one another to see and pass through the door of Heaven.
April 19. When in mutual service we forget the little self, then only will we see the one big Self of the Spirit running through us.
April 20. May the bird of my love escape from the cage of personal limitations and fly singing the song of the Spirit through all hearts and minds.
April 21. When I was blind I found not a door which led to Thee, but now that Thou hast opened my eyes, I find doors everywhere.
April 22. 1 am submerged in eternal light. It permeates every particle of my being. I am living in that light, for the Divine Spirit has filled me within and without.
April 23. Every gust of my prayer opens an unentered door in the vast temple of Thy Presence.
April 24. Open the petalled bars of our heart-buds, and let our imprisoned fragrance of love rush out to meet Thee.
April 25. With the wind of cosmic Perception, the fragrance of our prayers will float to Thy Temple of Infinity.
April 26. Prayers are like plants which daily grow new blossoms, the flowers change, but the plants remain the same.
April 27. 1 want Thine everlasting happiness that I may make everybody happy forever in Thee.
April 28. God manifests Himself through the hidden intelligence in all material transformations.
April 29. 1 will let the peace without join the peace within. My Father’s peace, which is like an ocean, is filling my body and mind. I rest in the joy of this blessed peace now.
April 30. When the match of devotion is scratched on sacred walls of the soul, the invisible flame of Divinity spring forth.
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