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Monday, May 31, 2010

Saying Thank You Every Day

Saying Thank You Every Day

Why do it even when some days seem crummy? Because everyday is an amazing blessing. When you are thankful for what you already have you are increasing your gratitude, which in turn attracts more abundance into your life. So every day you have the opportunity to practice the law of attraction by appreciating what is already working.

Start the morning by drinking a glass of water and being humbly thankful for such a pure supply of water, go for a walk and be thankful your legs that work so well. Eat breakfast and be thankful for an abundant food supply, it wasn’t long ago in human history where having mere calories to consume made us hominids overjoyed.

Then become thankful that you have shelter today. If you can become sincerely thankful for even these simple things, right then you will begin attracting more abundance, but it will be more of the simpler kind. To begin to channel this thankfulness into more advanced things that you do not yet have, do the following.

Think of the one thing or condition that makes you the most grateful, get a strong hold on how this makes you feel, if you have to remember that’s fine as long as you can create a strong feeling of thanks in your mind. Then use the same feeling to be thankful for the thing or condition you do not yet have, be thankful as though it has already happened.

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