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Monday, May 31, 2010

Using Practical Steps To Aid The Law Of Attraction

Using Practical Steps To Aid The Law Of Attraction

Is it possible to just sit back, relax, and visualize then achieve results? Yes but nine times out of ten this is all somebody has done when they achieve no results at all. A better approach is to define a clear and solid goal, then move towards it with intention using visualization, positive thinking, and all the other techniques available to you.

When you combine practical application with your law of attraction techniques, you create a deeper channel for the universe to match your desires. Let’s go through the mechanics of how this works.

1. Write out a clearly defined goal, you can use your computer but for me a blue pen and piece of paper are best.

2. Write out steps you can take now or in the very near future to achieve your goal.

3. Write out what visualizations and affirmations and other techniques might apply with what you’ve already learned about the law of attraction.

4. Brace yourself cause you’re about to really start attracting success that will be hard to stop, even if you wanted too.

So as you will see when you combine practical steps, you re-enforce your positive thinking and your sense of deserving what you achieve. This has a multiplying effect for reaching your goals.

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