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Friday, April 22, 2011

Daily Forgiveness Ritual!!!!

Daily Forgiveness Ritual

Do at least twice a day; at night before bedtime and first thing in the morning as you rise.
Since the beginning of time, it seems that rituals have served humanity.  Now they CAN become routine, ineffective and unnecessarily grand BUT when used consciously and lovingly, rituals can provide a consistency like no other.  Rituals are wonderful in creating an atmosphere of accountability.
In addition, a forgiveness ritual in particular can be powerful in cleansing the mind of guilt and the weight of fear based thoughts.
A wonderful ancient Hawaiian Healing Technique called Ho’oponopono came my way a few years ago.  It’s so simple and powerful.  Dr. Joe Vitale brought it into my world.  
It’s based on saying these 4 phrases over and over again, each time with more meaning, until you sense a distinct lightening and cleansing of your being.
  • I Love You
  • I am Sorry
  • Please Forgive Me
  • Thank You
This ancient healing technique is said to be responsible for healing an entire psychiatric ward in Hawaii. I encourage you to do some research on the topic.
The basic belief is this: Most if not all of what people put themselves through is based on negative baggage carried from the past.
We hold grudges, we carry guilt, we blame, we hurt, and we’re dissatisfied because of some perception of lack in ourselves or in others; a lack of love, a lack of action, a lack of something.
This sense of lack and dissatisfaction is often connected to prior hurts, personal decisions and/or behavior or, a lack of action on previous commitments.

We NEED to forgive in order to move forward.  Forgiving others is key; asking for forgiveness is as well.
But first and foremost we must forgive our self; Daily.
Getting things done on a daily basis and being at peace in our activities requires daily forgiveness.   Creativity and productivity are hampered by guilt.
Every day we need to drop the baggage of the previous day. Whatever was not done, won’t get done with guilt, regret or shame.  Those toxic emotions actually make it harder to get them done today.

So here is the suggested daily ritual, based on the ancient Hawaiian technique.
I have used this ritual with tremendous success – with clients, loved ones and for myself.
In the morning as you rise, looking in the mirror say the following to yourself:
I love you
I am grateful for another day
I am trying my very best to be accountable
I am accountable for my decisions today
I forgive you for anything that was not forgiven last night
I love you
At bedtime, as you get in bed – a hand mirror is great for this – say the following to yourself:
I love you
I am sorry for anything left undone today
I am sorry for any fearful decisions made today
I forgive myself – I am forgiven for all of it
I am grateful for forgiveness and ALL of my blessings
I love you
Say as many times as needed to truly feel light and loving.

Wishing you Abundant Success, Peace and Joy,
Julette Millien
This article was taken from: http://julettemillien.com/daily-forgiveness-ritual/

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