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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Law of Attraction Tip Of The Day: Forgive Yourself

The Law of Attraction Tip Of The Day:
Forgive Yourself

One thing that could be stopping you from being happy, healthy and successful are your counter intentions, in other words your unconscious beliefs. Counter intentions are rooted deep in the subconscious mind. These beliefs are often camouflaged and can go completely unnoticed. These beliefs could have been picked up during childhood or during any stage of your life. Doing a thorough emotional discovery will often turn up beliefs that totally contradict what you want now in life. For example, maybe you did something in your past you are not proud of and haven't fully forgiven yourself. Carrying around this kind of guilt can be very destructive in many ways. It could lead to health problems, marriage/relationship trouble, or could subconsciously be sabotaging your finances.

These unwanted negative beliefs must be acknowledged, addressed, and then completely released. 
Your thoughts, intentions, and desires must all be in complete agreement to attract what you want in life, 
this is the step of allowing. If you are following the steps of Law of Attraction and are not seeing the kind of results you want, this is usually the area that needs to be addressed. 
The allowing process is usually the least talked about step, but it is an essential element to 
Unleashing The True Power of The Law of Attraction.

These are the Elements to The Law of Attraction:
Faith and Expectation

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